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Ditch Gilchrist to promote Clarke, Warne tells selectors

SYDNEY  – Michael Clarke should be groomed to take over from Ricky Ponting as Australia’s next cricket captain, according to retired spinner Shane Warne.

Warne said the Australian selectors should ditch Adam Gilchrist as vice-captain and give the job to Clarke to help prepare him to eventually take over from Ponting.

“To me the next logical step is to groom him. I believe the best way to do this would be to elevate him to the vice-captaincy in all forms of the game,” Warne wrote in his weekly column for Sydney’s Daily Telegraph on Thursday.

“Gilly has done a wonderful job but won’t be around for too much longer in all forms of the game. I reckon he will hang the gloves up and decide to play only one form, probably test matches.

“That would mean Pup (Clarke) would learn about the other issues involved away from the field and attend meetings with Cricket Australia, have input with Ricky about selection – to be there in support if Ricky wants to bounce some ideas around.”

Clarke captained Australia for the first time in Tuesday’s Twenty20 match against New Zealand in Perth and Warne said he was highly impressed by what he saw.

“When you win the toss, hit the first ball you face for four and win the match in your first game as national skipper, you would have to think it’s not a bad start,” Warne said.

“He has all the attributes and the image, flair, confidence in his own ability, respect for the game and respect from his teammates which has been earned. He knows himself, understands his own game and is hungry for success.

“There is a long way to go until Ricky, who is the best batsman in the world right now, gives it away. And there is a lot that can happen between now and then.

“But Mr Clarke is settled in his life at the moment. Off the field with Lara, and on the field, he’s in a good space. Feeling fresh, prepared and happy, is what performing at top level sport-business is all about.”

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