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There is a place for everyone in ICL : Kapil Dev

I am so delighted! I am delighted to be back in Chandigarh, and back with some cricket to offer. Honestly, I never thought I would, some day, organise a cricket event of this magnitude in my city. Now that I am here, I want to share the best of my cricket with my people. If I was not born in Chandigarh, I don’t know if I would have gone on to play cricket for my country.

Chandigarh has been a fascinating place for many reasons. A great city, well-planned, modern, and yet retaining some old world charms, offering opportunities to many in every walk of life.

We have come to Panchkula, Chandigarh , with cricket as the priority. It is a great game that has given good life to many, including me, and to be associated with a venture like the Indian Cricket League has been an honour. It has been my privilege to have had an opportunity to serve the game in many capacities after I stopped playing.

It is now my turn to serve the game in a way that would bring joy and opportunity to those who could make a good life out of playing cricket. Earlier, parents would stop the kids from playing, but now they push you into sports, because you can make a career out of it.

Not everyone gets to play top-quality cricket. Just as not everyone gets to become a doctor, engineer, and technocrat. But there is a place for everyone, and ICL provides you just that. True, people would like to see the top ten cricketers of the world, but this is a platform that gives a chance to those who can dream of playing with the big stars. I am sure some of the new stars from ICL would some day go on to play for the country. Today, we have ten stars and may have many more in the future.

I began from this sporting city and went places because I got the right guidance. Chandigarh is a great city if you want to make a career in sports. The infrastructure here can match the best in the country. It has a stunning golf course, cricket academies and a desire among the youth to rise.

The city has produced five Test cricketers, and has the potential to give many more. I do feel disappointed that the ICL could not find a playing field in Chandigarh but I hope we would be able to conduct this exciting tournament in my lovely city sometime in the near future.

‘Cricket promotion’ is the sole aim of the ICL. As I said, it is basically a platform for hundreds today and thousands in the future, to be able to do justice to their talent. This tournament could well change the face of international cricket. The ICL will see more professional cricket, even though I must make it clear that we are not here to confront anyone.

I am honoured to bring some exciting cricket to Panchkula, Chandigarh , and I am expecting the people to come up with a warm response, because Chandigarh is known for being a very friendly and hospitable city.

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