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T20 has impacted ODIs: Arnold

Chennai: Former Sri Lankan batsman Russell Arnold believes the advent of Twenty20 has impacted the manner in which the last ten overs are approached in the ODIs.

Arnold, who is a part of the Chennai Superstars in the Indian Cricket League, told The Hindu, “The batsmen are playing a lot more shots in Twenty20. They are creating more opportunities, taking more risks.”

Arnold added, “This has increased the pace of scoring in the ODIs, particularly in the last ten overs. The batsmen have been carrying the Twenty20 habit into the ODIs. Hundred runs in the last 60 balls are eminently possible now.”


Known for his clever batting in the end overs, Arnold said, “It is a lot about knowing your strength and weakness and making the most of your ability. You also need to comprehend the strength and weakness of the bowler. Depending on the situation, you need to take calculated risks. There is a lot of strategy involved. Sometimes, you target a bowler.”

The Sri Lankan says a batsman needs to keep his cool in tense situations. “You have to be calm and you need to think. You talk to your partner, help each other out to find a way out of a tight situation.”

Running between the wickets, as Arnold points out, is the key. “Everything starts from there,” he says.

Former England wicketkeeper-batsman Chris Read, also a key member of Chennai Superstars, said the rise of Adam Gilchrist had changed people’s mind-set about the role of a wicketkeeper-batsman.

“It certainly made my job harder. People expected hefty contributions from the bat from me. My record in county cricket is very good, but my batting performances let me down in international cricket,” he said.


Read rated Gilchrist and Kumar Sangakkara as the finest wicketkeeper-batsmen in contemporary cricket.

He admitted it was difficult for a wicketkeeper to captain a side. “You have to concentrate on every ball. You also need to keep an eye on ten teammates and two batsmen in the middle. You have to ensure that you do not let the team down in your basic job of keeping wickets. I will be taking over as the Nottinghamshire captain next season. I think (M.S.) Dhoni has done a good job for India in the ODIs. ”

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