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BCCI continues to threaten: ICL

The ICL, headed by legendary cricketer Kapil Dev as chairman and sponsored by Zee, was refused any sort of recognition by the BCCI when it was unveiled a few months ago.

But ICL officials on Monday said that the BCCI was nobody to give them any recognition.

“The BCCI itself is a private organisation. So are we. ICL is as recognised or de-recognised as the BCCI. We don’t need any recognition or money from the BCCI,” ICL’s chief executive Ashish Kaul said.

An upcoming Twenty-20 cricket tournament is being organised by the ICL. Six teams, featuring both international and Indian players, will participate at a stadium in Panchkula, 10 km from here.

He said that the BCCI has been threatening players and stadium managements not to associate with the ICL in any manner failing which they would be de-recognised by the BCCI.

“The BCCI even went to the extent of getting a commercial shoot for an advertisement at a cricket stadium cancelled recently as it was being shot for ICL,” Kaul said.

The tournament, the first major event by the ICL, will start Nov 30. Most international stars who are part of the ICL are already in India and practicing at various venues with their allotted teams.

Kaul said that the ICL has been formed for the betterment of cricket and to provide opportunity to cricketers who did not get it in the present system.

“By roping in international names like Brian Lara and others, we will be exposing the Indian youngsters to international cricket. They will have a lot to learn,” Kaul said.

The forthcoming tournament will have six teams competing. Each team has 18-20 players, including international stars.

The ICL matches will be telecast live on the Zee Sports channel and some of the regional Zee channels.

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