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Cricket board chiefs condemn racism

Cricket board chiefs of India and Australia have condemned racism in the sport, saying there was no place for it in the game on or off the field.Andrew Symonds was racially abused by spectators during a one-day international in Baroda last week and the Australian team, especially Symonds, was booed by spectators in the seventh and final one-day match in Mumbai on Wednesday..

The International Cricket Council (ICC), which strengthened its anti-racism code last year, has written to Indian officials asking them to comment on events in Baroda.

Cricket Australia spokesman Philip Pope said the staging association was immediately informed of the inappropriate behaviour of the crowd.

“Cricket crowds in all cricket nations are often noisy and boisterous, which is part of the fun of cricket,” Indian board president Sharad Pawar and Cricket Australia chairman Creagh O’Connor said in a joint statement.

“But all cricket nations have to be on guard to ensure that the fun does not cross the boundary into unacceptable behaviour.

“If it does, it is our expectation that the specifics of ICC Anti Racism Code be enforced without fear or favour.

“Players of all countries have a right to expect they will be treated with respect wherever they play in the world,” the statement said.

The statement said Pawar and O’Connor were concerned that the ICC Anti Racism Code could only work if it was genuinely embraced.

They have instructed their respective managements to ensure the objectives of the code were understood and implemented appropriately at all venues.

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