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ICL sends legal notice to Yousuf

The Indian Cricket League (ICL) on Friday send a legal notice to Pakistan’s prolific batsman, Mohammad Yousuf, for breach of contract following his decision to pull out of its high-profile tournament.

Yousuf had initially signed the contract to play in the ICL’s proposed Twenty20 cricket tournament in November, but changed his mind and aligned with the Indian Premier League, the cash-rich venture launched by the BCCI.

The Pakistani middle-order batsman changed his decision after a recent meeting with the Pakistan Cricket Board Chairman, Dr Nasim Ashraf, who had also assured Yousuf that the PCB would take care of the legal hassles that may arise for not honouring the ICL commitment.

Yousuf’s decision not to align with the ICL, which has not been recognised by the ICC or its affiliated members, also made him eligible to play for Pakistan again.

“We tried our best to reach out to Yousuf and seek certain clarifications about the statements he had made at a press conference. He did not respond to three reminders, forcing us to send a legal notice for breach of contract,” Executive vice-president of Essel Group, Ashish Kaul, said.

Kaul said that the ICL’s contract did not stop any player from representing his country and Yousuf could have sorted out the issue.

“There is no clause in our contract which stops the player from playing for his country. If there was a clash of dates for Yousuf, the ICL could have worked that out”, Kaul said.

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