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Arlan Konwar quits ICL, returns to BCCI fold

Assam spinner Arlan Konwar, who had signed for rebel Indian Cricket League, on Thursday announced his return to the fold of BCCI.

“I had signed up for Rs 60 lakh for two years with the ICL with a hope that I will get a chance to play alongside greats such as Shane Warne and Glen Mcgrath, but since they have not joined I decided to return,” Konwar told reporters here.

Konwar and five other players from the state had signed for the ICL alleging that they were not given a chance by the Assam Cricket Association to play at national level.

Konwar claimed that it was not money that had lured him into the rebel league, but a ‘genuine intention’ of playing alongside cricketing greats.

The player alleged that the ICL itinerary was yet to be fixed and even the grounds had not been finalised.

“One cannot continue in such uncertainty,” he said.

ACA secretary, Bikash Baruah, denied the allegations of the five top players, saying that the body had patronised them to play in national level tournaments but due to their poor performance they were denied chance.

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