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TV stars to play 20-20 cricket match

The BCCI versus ICL battle continues to simmer. But guess who’s taking a little dig at this ‘cricket war’ situation. Well, none other than our television stars. The TV actors, all cricket enthusiasts, are set to come together to play a 20-20 day and night cricket match on October 28, at Andheri Sports Complex.

Most interesting are the team names, which are on the lines of BCCI and ICL. The actors’ teams are called TCCI team (Television Cricket Club of India ) and TCL (Television Cricket League). Organised by the Indian Television Academy, the star-studded match is to support the cause of Beti, a movement against female foeticide.

While Varun Badola leads TCCI, Manav Gohil is the captain of TCL. Indraneel Sengupta and Bakhtyaar Irani will be the wicket-keepers for the two teams. Ask the players about the similarity between their team names and that of the existing warring cricket boards and they just laugh it off. Says Manav Gohil, “It’s for the love of the game and for a good cause. The team names are just to tickle our funny bone. The organiser Anu Ranjan mooted the names and we agreed. It’s all in good fun.”

The actors are all charged up for the big game. Incidentally, TV actors already have the ‘Boxy Boyz’ team in place that has regular cricket seasons. However, for this game the Boxy Boyz have been divided between the teams. So it’s actually the merger of BCCI and ICL… oops TCCI and TCL!

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