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India’s Twenty20 triumph excites Chappell

Perceived as a hard-boiled, tough-talking coach whose stint with the Indian team was marked by controversy, the other side of Greg Chappell’s persona came to the fore as the Australian talked about his sense of attachment with the side even though he is not in charge anymore.

Back in the country to take charge of the Jaipur Academy run by the Rajasthan Cricket Association, Chappell said his heart leapt in joy when Mahendra Singh Dhoni and his teammates lifted the inaugural Twenty20 World Cup.

Chappell admitted he could not see most of the Twenty20 matches from South Africa because of the odd broadcast time but said he did watch the final between India and Pakistan.

“I, along with most of the Indian supporters, was very excited to see India win that game, and to see the joy on the faces of the players, many of whom I have interacted over the years,” Chappell said.

Chappell had a tumultuous two-year association with the side before he made an unceremonious exit but the Australian hinted the time he spent here is something he keeps close to his heart.

“It’s hard to remove oneself from it and I don’t want to remove myself from it. It’s an experience that I had and it’s an experience most of which I enjoyed,” he told ‘Headlines Today’.

Chappell admitted it was not all hunky-dory all along but then he had good times too, he insisted.

“People tend to focus on the negatives but much of it was very exciting and much of it was very successful. And to see the boys enjoying themselves in Johannesburg allowed me to go to bed in the early hours of the morning very happy.”

Chappell said he liked the vision behind the Jaipur academy and the challenge that came with the job made him take the plunge and returne to India. And India is the future of cricket, he asserted.

“India is the epicentre of cricket. It’s the financial hub of cricket with massive people who are involved and interested in cricket. This is the future of cricket,” Chappell said.

“If cricket is to survive in this 21st century, it will be because of the power of India, on and off the field, and the vision and leadership which comes out of India.

Therefore, if you want to be involved in cricket, you need to be involved in cricket in India,” he said.

Asked what would be his advice to Team India, Chappell reiterated his much-maligned “process to success” theory.

“There are certain things that good players and good teams do. They apply the basics of the game and train the basics seriously. They get themselves fit, learn all the aspects of the game that are important…not only batting and bowling, you’ve got fielding, running between the wickets, tactical skills, concentrations and all other areas.

“So being able to be disciplined, educated and determined to understand, and I hesitate to use the word, the process that it takes to be successful,” he explained.

“Indian cricket has shown that there is talent and it’s capable of doing that. But it needs to be able to do it, as all teams do, on a more regular basis, if it wants to be regularly successful,” Chappell added.

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