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Indian offer too good to refuse – Cairns

Tuesday, 2 October 2007

HOOKED UP: former New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns has signed with the rebel Indian Twenty20 cricket league.

Every man has his price and a “lucrative” offer from the breakaway Indian Cricket League has proved too much for Chris Cairns to resist.

The 37-year-old all-rounder called it quits from one-day cricket in January last year but will be back on the international field, possibly as early as November this year when the breakaway league kicks off.

Cairns said the money was simply too good to refuse.

“It’s a lucrative deal,” he said.

“It’s something which has brought me out of retirement and to do that it has to be worth it.

“The competition is also a chance to have one last go playing in front of heaps of people.”

Cairns would not say just how lucrative it was but did comment that reports of $500,000 were inaccurate.

He was forced into retirement by a body that could no longer stand up to the rigorous demands of international cricket but said the Twenty20 format would be perfect.

“If it was 50 overs, four-dayers or five-day tests there’s no way I could do that. But bowling four overs and having a slog suits me down to the ground.”

Cairns will have company from his days in New Zealand and Canterbury colours. Chris Harris and Nathan Astle have signed up and Craig McMillan is expected to soon join them. Former Black Cap Hamish Marshall has also signed.

“That will be good (having his former team-mates playing ) but it’s also the guys on other teams I played against yesteryear and it will be nice to be in that environment again.”

However, one part of being an international cricketer Cairns has not missed is the training.

“I’ve just been mucking around (playing) in England.

“This is a different level and I’ll have to train appropriately.

“I’ve had mixed emotions over it. It’s such a good offer that I thought I will have to train again – I thought I’d finished with that garbage.

“I’d done it for so long and thought `I can now kick back’ but now I have to get serious because I want to acquit myself professionally.”

With his deserved reputation as one of cricket’s biggest hitters and a genuine match-winner, Cairns is the perfect signing for the fledgling league. When he retired from test cricket in 2004 he held the record for the most sixes and finished with 218 wickets and 3320 runs.

The competition is due to begin on November 17 and runs for about five weeks.

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