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Pawar blames India’s World Cup fiasco for launch of ICL

Mumbai, Sep 29: Board of Control for Cricket in India (BCCI) president Sharad Pawar in his report for the year 2006-07 has, without mentioning the name of the rebel ICL or its promoters, blamed India’s poor performance in the World Cup as the reason behind the launch of the essal-backed rebel league.

Mr Pawar said Indian cricket was put to the litmus test and the players were in a daze after the Caribbean fiasco in March as it brought forth harsh criticism from the fans, and this was considered as the ideal time by a private television company to announce a rebel cricket league in the nation.

The BCCI chief said in his report, which was for the first time distributed to the media at the end of its AGM yesterday, ”A private entertainment company (Zee) saw this as an opportune time to announce a rebel cricket league in India.” His report further states that the year under review was challenging in more than one way.

”Our team’s dismal performance in ICC World Cup 2007 put Indian cricket to acid test as it brought severe criticism from millions of Indian fans and our players themselves were in a state of shock and disbelief.”

After putting Indian cricket back on track, the BCCI countered the ICL recently by forming its own plans league named the Indian Premier League and the Champions League.

Mr Pawar has stated in detail the measures announced by the BCCI post World Cup for ”the betterment of Indian cricket” like preparation of sporting wickets for domestic tournaments, revamping the system of selectors’ appointment, revamping of the National Cricket Academy (NCA), formation of zonal academies and commencement of the domesic Twenty20 league.

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