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Delhi votes for Dhoni, Yuvraj; and gives 100/100 to 20/20

NEW DELHI: India’s historic victory in the first Twenty20 World Cup has made cricketers Mahendra Singh Dhoni, who led the country, and Yuvraj Singh, who belted out six scintillating sixes in an over to set a new record, the current hot favourites in the Capital.

Public opinion poll

According to the findings of a public opinion poll conducted in the city by Shyam Vyas MARC Limited, the new 20-over concept of cricket has also emerged extremely popular with all the 500 poll respondents approving of it and asserting that the newer, faster format will attract more viewers and fans and inculcate more public interest in the game. A good 80 per cent of the respondents also hailed the appointment of Dhoni as captain of the Twenty20 and One Day teams.

Perception of Twenty20

Conducted hot on the heels of the victory on September 24, the survey, which focused on “perception of cricket Twenty20 and advertising heroes of the new generation Indians”, also revealed that as many as 92 per cent of the people were confident of India’s win at the start of the final match.

It also showed that Yuvraj and Dhoni, in that order, have emerged as the new stars of Indian cricket with people expecting the most from them in the future.

The two were also voted on top in most categories. While Yuvraj was found the most passionate, glamorous, patriotic and best-looking, Dhoni took the first place as the highest achiever, most sincere and the best role model for Indian youth. Irfan Pathan, who made his comeback to international cricket through the Twenty20 World Cup, was adjudged by the voters as hardest-working.

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  1. elairaja
    October 10, 2007 at 9:44 am

    my votew goes to yuraj

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