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ICL ready for every possible rough patch: Kapil Dev

devilskapil248.jpgNew Delhi: Former Indian captain Kapil Dev who is now heading the Indian Cricket League (ICL) said this is the best thing that’s happened to Indian cricket. Speaking exclusively to Karan Thapar on Devil’s Advocate, Kapil discussed a host of issues relating to the ICL-BCCI tussle. He also said that the ICL is ready for every possible rough patch.


Excerpts from the interview.


ICL not recognised


Kapil Dev: I think the idea is to have a cricket in India that is the most important thing and if we deliver the goods and if we work hard, people recognise or not, boards recognise or not, we are satisfied by what we are doing.


The IPL challenge


Karan Thapar:How can you be confident that even Brian Lara and Ilzamam-ul-Haq who have joined you today will not ditch you for IPL?


Kapil Dev: If they ditch, they ditch. I mean a lot of people will do that we are prepared for that, for everything. As long as our young boys are ready to play and our cricketers. There are enough cricketers in this world, who are ready to play.


ICL’s cricketers


Kapil Dev: One stage you pick up the senior guy you say there are very senior you pick up the future boys who are tomorrow’s Sachin, Sourav or Ganguly or anybody and you said it’s too young, a people have to play. Who was Dhoni 5 years back, who was Robin Utthappa a 2 or 1 years back, so you have to give a chance to the young boys. May be in times to come they will click and become the best.


Don’t need big three?


Kapil Dev: We can live without everyone, as long as the young boys of the country who want to play tomorrow is very important yes if they want to play. We will try to talk to them. At this stage we don’t think it is right to talk to them.




Kapil Dev: The cricket board six months back was criticizing us like anything, and all the people were talking about what are this Cricket T20 and all that, and then within two months they started their own league. I can say they authenticate us, and I am proud – that’s what we are looking for. I want to wish them also a great success.


Is there money?:


Kapil Dev: I think if there was no money they wouldn’t have started – I think the business people know, and I hope they have a long (sic) pocket, and I hope they are ready to spend, and they are spending the way we are expecting.

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