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ICL postponed until mid-November

NEW DELHI, September 23: After the BCCI’s multi-million dollar Twenty20 championship stole the thunder from the Indian Cricket League, “teething problems” have forced the rebel series to be postponed until mid-November.

ICL Executive Board chairman Kapil Dev said the tournament, originally scheduled for October, has been moved to November as cricketers would be free from international duty by that time.

“We all sat together and felt mid-November is the right date, because at that time international cricketers should also be free to play,” Kapil said in an interview.

“I can give you specifically – November 17 is the target date but still let us wait till it is officially announced,” he added. The former skipper admitted that there were “teething problems” but denied that money had anything to do with the postponement.

“I think if there was no money they would not have started. I think business people know and I hope they have a deep pocket and I hope they are ready to spend and they are spending the way we are expecting,” he said.

“We have already made most of the chart, which we will come out with in a very short time. The chart will have details about where the tournament will be played. The camp is already in progress in Chennai and all the 50 young guys are attending the camp,” he added.

Kapil also took a swipe at the BCCI’s decision to launch the Indian Premier League (IPL) and said it was nothing short of giving official status to the ICL.

“The cricket board was criticising us six months ago and then within two months they started their own league. I can say they authenticate us and I am proud of it as this is what we were looking for. I wish them success,” he quipped. Kapil said the ICL was unfazed by IPL’s launch and was not worried about its players being lured by the BCCI-backed league.

“We can live without everybody as long as the young boys of the country who want to play tomorrow (are ready to play),” he said. Kapil ruled out ICL approaching Sachin Tendulkar, Rahul Dravid and Sourav Ganguly for the time being but hinted that the trio could be offered a deal later.

“We will try to talk to them. But at this stage we don’t think it is right to approach them,” he said. The legendary all-rounder also brushed aside criticism that the ICL lacked players with good international or even national records.

“Who was (Mahendra Singh) Dhoni five years ago? Who was Robin Uthappa two or even one year back? You have to give a chance to the young boys. May be in times to come they will click and become the best,” Kapil retorted.

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