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Cairns waiting for an irresistible offer for comeback

New Delhi, Sept. 25 (PTI): Rejecting reports that he was on the verge of signing up with the rebel Indian Cricket League (ICL), retired New Zealand all-rounder Chris Cairns yesterday said that only an “irresistible offer” can bring him back to the game.

“ICL, what’s that?” Cairns joked when asked about his reported desire to be a part of the league.

“Well, on a more serious note, there have been some queries from them but let me tell you I have not spoken directly to anyone. I have my agents in New Zealand who take care of all this.”

“I know what’s happening on that front but I am far from signing up with them. I am enjoying my time away from the game and I have no plans to come out of retirement as of now. There has to be an irresistible offer for me to come back to the game.”

“If a good offer comes I will consider it but I will have to start training and lose some weight before taking the plunge,” he quipped.

On the BCCI-backed Indian Premier League, which also has the support of the ICC, Cairns said he was unsure about what the outcome of the tussle between the two Twenty20 series would be.

“I have been reading about this war of words between ICL and the BCCI. Obviously the BCCI came out with the IPL after that and its an ongoing battle between the two sides and really I am not very sure what the outcome would be. I guess we will have to wait and watch,” he said at the launch of the Lotte Super Skills cricket series here.

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