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No compromise with ICL: BCCI

New Delhi, Sept 15: BCCI Vice President Lalit Modi today ruled out any compromise with the Indian Cricket League (ICL) and also denied using money power to lure away the likes of Shane Warne and Stephen Fleming from the rebel league.

Modi snubbed ICL as a set of “glorified exhibition matches” and said there could not be any compromise with the backers of the ICL.

“Our Indian Premier League (IPL) has the backing of full 10 Test playing nations and there can’t be any comparison with the ICL.

“I hope launching IPL, in no way, stops my good friend Subhash Chandra (chief of Essel group backing ICL) from running the league. But no rapprochement is possible on this issue,” he told NDTV.

Modi wished luck to ICL and did not rule out the possibility of both the league continuing simultaneously.

“I hope both may peacefully co-exist,” he said in a lighter vein.

He denied that the trio of Shane Warne, Glenn McGrath and Stephen Fleming, who were negotiating with ICL, succumbed to the lure of more money.

“I can tell you for I have seen the contracts that the money is far, far less than what some other people were offering them. Money is not the thing they are looking for, it’s not the sole criterion for them. What they were looking for is the right platform”, he said. (Agencies)

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