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Martin, McCullum back NZC stand on rebel Indian league

Former Canterbury Black Caps Chris Martin and Brendon McCullum are getting in behind New Zealand Cricket (NZC) and its stance on the rebel Indian Cricket League.

At the same time McCullum said he would support decisions any of his team-mates made.

Both long-time captain Stephen Fleming and strike bowler Shane Bond have been linked to the league, but NZC said on Thursday that it would not release any New Zealand players from their contracts.

“I’m just backing up New Zealand Cricket. and I think their stance on it has been spot-on,” Martin said yesterday.

“It’s just an unfortunate time that has arrived just as we’re leaving for the Twenty20 (World Cup), so I’d like to focus on that.”

Said McCullum: “I probably don’t know enough details about it to really be commenting, but it seems like the logical stance from NZ Cricket.

Both touring Black Caps said no-one had offered them large sums of money to play in the league. Offers to would-be rebel players from the ICL are believed to range from $A500,000 ($NZ583,000) for the big names down to $A250,000.

“Yeah, the numbers and cents are beyond me, so I haven’t really thought about it,” Martin said.

McCullum said the breakaway tour issue had been no distraction for him. “I’m miles away from any of it.”

He did say that “there’s been a bit talked about”, but generally as a topic of conversation it had been “almost a no-go zone”.

“We’re all professionals and I guess you’ve got to look after your own shop in that respect.

Asked what would happen if one of his fellow contracted players went over, McCullum said he understood “the ramifications it would have for NZ Cricket and I guess the Black Caps in general. “But at the same time any decision any of my team-mates make I’d support them either way.”

Bond was not available to comment on the ICL issue yesterday.

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