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ICL will benefit the game – Gilchrist

r33394_82952.jpgAdam Gilchrist, the Australian vice-captain, has said that the Indian Cricket League (ICL) could be good for the game in the long run and hoped it would strengthen the relationship between players and their respective cricket boards. A bit of competition is always healthy, Gilchrist said, especially for cricket boards to realise where they stand when it comes to looking after their own players.

“I don’t see it as a particularly bad news story,” Gilchrist told the media at the Sunshine Coast town of Coolum. “Competition in the marketplace is always healthy. And it’s great if that helps establish a better bond between players and the respective boards in the other countries.”

Asked about Cricket Australia’s link to the ICL, Gilchrist said that he wasn’t aware of any potential signings and emphasised that the relationship between the board and the players was strong.

“I can’t comment on the other countries. It may be a very different landscape there, but we are very well supported by Cricket Australia,” he said. “There’s no doubt about that. Primarily they seem to be targeting retired players so I don’t know of any poaching attempts of current Australian contracted players.”

Shaun Tait, the Australian fast bowler, also agreed with Gilchrist that the ICL was better suited to retired players trying to earn a living. He also described the ICL as a rebel league, presumably from the point of view of the current players who, for various reasons, have turned their backs on their respective boards by signing up for the ICL.

“These guys who have retired, they can make up their own minds,” Tait said. “Young guys like myself, we don’t think about it too much, because we are striving to play consistent cricket for Australia. But that’s their decision and there’s obviously money to be made.”

So far, the ICL has attracted retired players like Glenn McGrath and Shane Warne and others who have little hope of making comebacks. The league had signed up nearly 50 domestic players in India and the future of those players is still in question after the Indian board refused to embrace the league. The ICC today said that they would not recognise the league if the Indian board doesn’t.

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