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Lightning has not struck me: Kapil pooh-poohs sacking

An unrepentant Kapil Dev fired a fresh salvo at the BCCI for sacking him as the Chairman of the National Cricket Academy, saying the board could have handled the issue better. “They did not bother to talk to me before announcing this.

I think they felt it’s below their dignity to talk to me. They have been doing this for the last 70 years and I’m afraid, they would continue like this,” Kapil said. Kapil, who heads the Indian Cricket League’s Executive Board, said not being able to coach the youngsters would “hurt” him but was willing to take it in his stride.

“It feels bad that though I wanted to teach them a few things, I can’t do that any more. They have to learn things themselves. I did not get the opportunity to help them learn. “But I’m not shattered or surprised. It’s not as if lightning has struck me,” Kapil told ‘Aaj Tak’ channel. The former all-rounder, who was appointed NCA Chairman last year in September, also hinted that he was prepared for the development.

“This was surely not a bolt from the blue, for such a possibility was doing the rounds for quite sometime.” Asked if he had expected to be shown the door like this, Kapil said, “Not me alone, the entire country expected so.”

In an emotional outburst after being sacked as National Cricket Academy chairman, Kapil Dev today said he would go on “hunger strike” if BCCI continues to inflict injustice on the younger cricketers. Kapil, who has joined the rebel Indian Cricket League as Executive Board1 Chairman, said he would do everything to prevent youngsters who have signed up with ICL from being penalized by the BCCI.

“If youngsters are ignored by BCCI, I will go on hunger strike,” the legendary all-rounder told Headlines Today. Kapil said he did not resign from the NCA post as he was not averse to serve cricket at any level. “(I was thinking) should I resign or they sack me and I said I am not going to say no to cricket.

Why should I say no to cricket? I am not doing ethically wrong,” he said. “Are they (BCCI) only for them (BCCI) or are they for India? If they are for the country, they cannot stop me. But if they are for themselves, they can stop me.”

Kapil said he was disappointed that BCCI’s ruthless approach in sacking him unilaterally. “I felt a little disappointed, they did not have the courage to come out, sit and talk to you. And I think if you cannot sit down across the table and talk, then this is ruthless,” he said.

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