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Dalmiya has ‘chance meeting’ with Modi

Indian Cricket League top official Himanshu Modi made a quiet visit to the city to inspect the possible grounds for hosting the multi-billion dollar league…

Indian Cricket League top official Himanshu Modi made a quiet visit to the city to inspect the possible grounds for hosting the multi-billion dollar league triggering speculation that he held discussions with former BCCI president Jagmohan Dalmiya.
A close aide of Dalmiya categorically denied that the seasoned cricket administrator deliberated on matters concerning the league with Modi, but conceded that the two had a ‘chance meeting’ at the lobby of a five star hotel.
“Dalmiya had gone there with a business collegaue for lunch. At the lobby he met Modi and the two exchanged pleasantaries. And that was all,” the aide said.
Dalmiya told PTI that the speculation rose when some TV channels’ cameramen mistook the business colleague as Modi. “As I was coming out the TV camera men started taking our footage. Later on they realised the guest was not Modi but someone else.” Dalmiya said there was no bar on him to meet Modi. “Everybody knows of my relations with the present BCCI regime. So why should I try to keep under wraps if I did indeed discuss things with Modi.”
While in a letter from Digvijay Singh to BCCI President Sharad Pawar, his second since the BCCI-ICL tussle broke out, Singh said it was the right time for the BCCI “to do some introspection” and he also sought a reform.
“The stranglehold which some people in the BCCI bureaucracy have established is something which has to be looked into… In this age of transparency and reforms, don’t you think that BCCI also needs a reform where new people who love cricket and who have played for India are allowed to participate in the functioning of the highest body of cricket?” he asked Pawar.
Singh also rubbished the argument put forward by BCCI top brass that ICL was ‘out and out’ a commercial venture and questioned how could the Board claim to be different. “Hasn’t BCCI also become a commercial venture that is earning millions by allowing multi-nationals to use their logos on players’ outfit? In fact, it has earned more millions than trophies,” he said.
Singh was baffled how the same Board can allow its cricketers to play in county cricket but not in the ICL. “…the attitude of the BCCI in preventing and debarring the cricketers from participating in the ICL is a retrograde step and not in the interest of cricket and cricketers,” he said.
On the other hand there are many players on the Indian Cricket League radar and one of them is New Zealand express fast bowler Shane Bond, a report said yesterday.
The ICL, who have already been looking to sign up Test captain Stephen Fleming, were offering the pace ace a “staggering” sum to play in the unauthorised Twenty-20 tournament in India in October-November, ‘New Zealand Herald on Sunday’ said.

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